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Michael Acket
16?? - 1716
Michael Acket
1734 - 1783
Henricus Josephus Acket
1824 - 1890
Petrus Gustavus Acket
1885 - 1971
Petrus Franciscus Acket
1701 - 1747
Salomon Valentin Acket
1783 - 1846
Augustus Acket
1857 - 19??
Jean René Acket
1919 - 2001
Aquet, Acquet
Hacket, Hacquet
Above is a schematic display of our ancestors in straight line.
My preliminary "full family tree" can be consulted by pressing the "Genealogical Tree" button below. (This file is regularly updated)
The "Everything Report" prepared by the Behold program allows you to consult all the data I have currently available.
You can move, to your heart's content, in different ways through this document. Many links offer you the opportunity to do so. May I also request that when discovering errors, ambiguities, missing data etc. you communicate them. Only through this interaction, can I guarantee a reliable family tree. Future generations will thank us for the work we have collected here. It is a very time consuming and difficult task to look for the data of family members at the National Archives, in addition they are only available to the public from 1795 until 1900, this is due to a privacy law of 1952. I would therefore urge you all, once again, to share all the useful data in your possession. I stll lack a lot of information from some families in-law. It is also important to mention the (real) parents, eg in the cqse of divorce.

My sincere thanks to all who contributed to the current result and to anyone who can provide me with information to complete this family tree.
Why "The Everything Report" by Behold?
Looking for an opportunity to present you with an interactive family tree on the website, I discovered the "Behold" software. This program is still under development, but the functions that I need to bring my family tree online are operational. Behold possesses the advantage that it is built to show you the data efficiently in a simple and clear way. Behold also offers several options for bringing the data forward, which is usually not possible in other existing genealogy programs.
I opted for the Behold software for its capability to produce an HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) version of the data and because it allows you to easily navigate through the various entries . Without this HTML version I had to depend on an expensive private server to give you the opportunity to search the family tree. Namely, public servers do not allow the hosting and implementation of programs because of the risk of virus and hacker attacks.

If you consider the purchase of a genealogy program, do not forget to pay a visit to :
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Genealogical Tree